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The Past Three Months

Posted by unicorntears, 20 November 2012 · 412 views

photo history
This won't be your typical before and after. This one's rather disheartening.

This first image was taken around August 2012. I have a silly strip on my nose (actually probably only the 3rd time I've ever used one in my life), but decided to take a photo just for fun. I apologise for the terrible instagram quality; years of acne may or may not have made me paranoid of real photos. Regardless, here it is, around 6 months after my second course of Roaccutane:

Posted Image

Then, through a combination of what may be stress, poor sleeping habits, poor diet, and my last course of Roaccutane wearing off, I started to break out again throughout October 2012. On the 16th November 2012, I filled a prescription for Retin-A, and also tweaked my skin regime a bit. It seemed to clear me up a little after the first 2 days, at the cost of some moderate flaking.

Then on the 19th November 2012, the initial breakout and/or purge may have occured.
This is me today. This is also the worst my skin has been in around 1.5 years.

Posted Image   Posted Image

Hopefully I'll be able to show y'all a real before and after in the next few months.

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