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Month 2, Day 10.

Posted by Sofielinney, 01 March 2013 · 656 views

My skin seems to be a lot better right now. I currently have 2 active pimples, no cysts and my blackheads seem to be fading!
My skin hasn't been this clear in months... hope it continues to get better! I'm really hoping my dermatologist ups my dose for month 3, i'm so desperate for flawless skin. I turn 20 next week and I don't want acne in my 20's, i want it gone for good! Still on 30mg/day
Confidence is improving dramatically :)
Side effects
  • dry lips
  • static hair??? I'm not sure if this has been caused due to accutane drying all oils, including oil on my scalp???
  • Skin bruises and cuts super easily when i knock myself accidentally
  • lower back ache. Joints hurt after 12 hour shifts on the ward/gym
  • Feel sick after eating, not sure if this is accutane or a coincidence
  • dry skin in general
  • Nose bleeds
Side effects aren't bad, im just enjoying my clear(er) skin right now. I'd chose dryness etc over acne any day :)