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Day 21 Accutane

Posted by Sofielinney, 12 February 2013 · 707 views

I've decided to post some photos of my skin without makeup again next week because that will be the end of my first month! :)
My skin isn't clear yet and i'm still getting pimples but they seem to dry out and drop off within a few days if i leave them alone 
Jawline is clearer apart from maybe 4 pimples, the initial breakout on my cheeks seems to be fading and my forehead is clear. 
-Headaches if i don't drink
-really thirsty if i go an hour without water
-dry skin around nose
-blackheads on nose and a little bit on my cheeks
-minor nasal bleeding 
-lips are dry but no where near as dry as i expected to be
-slight back pain is starting
-Itchy skin which cuts easily 
To be honest the side effects aren't that bad for me personally and are really manageable
Seeing my derm for my monthly check up next tuesday and i'm hoping he'll up my dose so i can see some improvements faster !

Yep, it's really not too bad :) For the life of me, I can't remember if the dryness gets worse or not. But at least the skin looks better! ;)