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Recommendations/ Experiences On African Black Soap?!

Posted by Sofielinney, 06 January 2013 · 1,004 views

Recommendations/ experiences on African Black Soap?!

My skin is super dry from my current routine of: Dianette, tetracycline lymecycline, EPIDUO and a salicylic wash. Although my acne is improving slowly it looks overly red and sore

What will fade my hyperpigmentation as well as acne

Please help ! :)

African black soap broke me out...
I've had wonderful results with using Emu Oil. It helps hydrate my skin and had really faded my post inflammatory pigmentation marks from my acne breakouts. My skin is becoming healthier and more even toned again. Make sure you do some research though because there are a few key things to look for when choosing emu oil. I just wrote a blog about it you can check it out here. http://aestheticsworld.blogspot.com/

I've never tried the african black soap. but soap isn't usually good for acne prone skin because the soap is formulated with heavy waxes to hold the shape of the soap and can be very stripped (more alkaline) for the skin and overly dry the skin out. This will make your skin produce more oil and could lead to more breakouts. Also, soap is meant to cleanse the skin, it won't do anything for healing old marks. Hope some of this helps! :)

ITS AMAZING and basically elimininated all my acne

I've written about it a few times if you look at my most recent posts...my acne was similar to yours but worse in my forehead vs chin.