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Photos From The Night Before Starting Accutane

Posted by Sofielinney, 22 January 2013 · 655 views

I went to the dermatologist earlier today because my current antibiotic tetracycline defiantly wasn't clearing my acne. He took one look at me, agreed, and told me I was able to start accutane tomorrow as soon as my blood had been taken.

I'm frustrated I have wasted so long trying antibiotics and topical treatments... including horrible epiduo...

Swap Antibiotics Or Accutane?

Posted by Sofielinney, 21 January 2013 · 668 views

I took tetracycline for two years and it cleared my skin up beautifully. However, my acne returned full blown this year. My dermatologist told me to take the tetracycline again but it has lost effectiveness in my opinion, very little improvement in three months and still getting flare ups.

Should i ask to swap to another tetracycline? Whats the best...

Please Answer My Accutane Questions?

Posted by Sofielinney, 19 January 2013 · 501 views

I have been on antibiotics, Dianette birth control and epiudo for 3 months now and I have seen very little improvement. One day my skin looks good, the next I have a big flare up all over my face, especially around my jawline. I'm incredibly self conscious, have no self esteem and I am getting major post inflammatory hyperpigmentation :( I am not...

Big Pimple On Lip, Please Help?!

Posted by Sofielinney, 17 January 2013 · 837 views

My face is looking better(touch wood) but i woke up today with a big pimple on my top lip which is really painful. I had uni today and i could feel everyone looking at it :( Its making my lip look deformed! :(

What should i do, should i leave it or pop it? I have applied some duac but it hasnt reduced the redness or size and my lips are super dry

Will This Breakout Ever End?!

Posted by Sofielinney, 15 January 2013 · 511 views

My skin has been breaking out non stop since September, when i came back from Australia! One day i think its getting better and the next day it flares up! Its covered in red marks too

I feel like its never going to end! I don't know whats causing it and why my regime isn't working... its been 4...

Feeling Really Down :(

Posted by Sofielinney, 10 January 2013 · 579 views

I thought epiduo was working on clearing up my acne but today i woke up with a ton of new pimples that are red and inflamed :( I have been on Epiduo since 1st November... It clears my skin for a week and then it goes back to the way it was, angry and lumpy all around my jawline

My acne is ruining my confidence. I have canceled numerous dates with friends,...

Recommendations/ Experiences On African Black Soap?!

Posted by Sofielinney, 06 January 2013 · 1,074 views

Recommendations/ experiences on African Black Soap?!

My skin is super dry from my current routine of: Dianette, tetracycline lymecycline, EPIDUO and a salicylic wash. Although my acne is improving slowly it looks overly red and sore

What will fade my hyperpigmentation as well as acne

Please help ! :)

Tips To Stop Picking Acne?!

Posted by Sofielinney, 17 November 2012 · 499 views

I had a really painful pimple on my lip so i squeezed it and now it really hurts and its inflammed! :'( Any tips on how to leave pimples alone?!

My Current Face

Posted by Sofielinney, 16 November 2012 · 441 views

My Current Face So ive been using raw honey masks for one week now, once or twice a day and i have noticed significant improvements in my skin. The redness and scabs left behind from my breakout are fading and I have very few new pimples, no new cysts! :D

I have changed my birth control pill to dianette from yasmin and i have been on this for one week


Acne Skin Care Routine.

Posted by Sofielinney, 16 November 2012 · 1,015 views

Cetaphil cleanser
Cetaphil lotion
Duac once daily
Birth control pill- dianette
Oral antibiotic- tetracycline

Raw honey mask applied to face and neck for 30 mins- 1hour
Liz earle cleanser and toner OR cetaphil cleanser and lotion

Breakfast- fruit salad
Lunch- Salad
Gym- 3-5 times a week
Only drinking...