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Day 21 On Spironolactone - Seeing Great Results!

Posted by JennyLG, 12 November 2012 · 786 views

spironolactone doxycycline
Definitely improved!! The areas on my chin that were starting to get irritated have basically vanished. They were annoying for about 4 days, and I was really worried they would grow into large cysts like they used to, but by this morning they were flat and just a little red. It's finally making sense to me that topical medications are not going to heal my skin issues. I have been using the acanya (clindamycin and benzoyl combo) sparingly at night just where I have a clogged pore, and have noticed that the texture of my skin has improved since I stopped using it so much. Most of those products have just dried out my skin without ever actually helping the swollen cyst areas. Since starting the spiro, I still have had a few areas that *look* like they're going to get inflamed and sore, but never really surface, which is a huge improvement! At least now I know that all my breakouts (or at least the large, painful, cyst-like ones on my chin and around my mouth) were hormone related. I wish I had tried this medication years ago. I'm feeling great and really hopeful.

My side effects from the spironolactone are basically non-existent now. I don't get dizzy at all and no more headaches. I am a little more thirsty, but I just make sure to drink a little extra water throughout the day and it's fine. I'm hoping I stay clear, and once my scarring fades a bit (still have a LOT of red and dark spots from past breakouts) I should be set!!! It will be so nice not to have to worry about covering up nasty cysts with makeup, yuck. I seriously can't wait to be makeup free and not worry about what is going on under the surface of my skin. I'm feeling hopeful that my initial breakout is over :)

  • 100mg doxycycline
  • 50mg spironolactone
  • Sprintec birth control
  • 100mg doxycycline
  • 50mg spironolactone
  • 0.25% tretinoin cream
  • Spot treat with a tiny bit of acanya if I feel a breakout forming (benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin combo)

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