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Weeks 3&4

Posted by Nurse2015, 28 November 2012 · 366 views

I'm a little behind on posting, but i figured better late than never! I actually just started the second month of accutane! I'm a little late starting it because of Thanksgiving, but the PA said it stays in your system for about a week anyway and I haven't had any problems being off of it. When I visited my derm, we decided to keep me on the 20 mg twice daily since I'm seeing such great improvement.

I've been experiencing the same symptoms for a couple weeks now. Dry lips (had a crack in my lip once and it started to bleed, i slept with some neosporin on it and it was healed by the next morning) dry nostrils (had a blood nose twice Posted Image  ), dry eyes, fatigue, just the usual pretty much. The one weird thing I experienced was some raised bumps on the back of my hands. It didn't itch, and wasn't even really dry. I still don't know what it was, but my derm gave me cloderm to put on it.

I have seen quite a bit of improvement the past two weeks and can't wait for it to get even better! I did have a nasty breakout about a week ago, but luckily it healed quickly (once popped). I'm still using my redness solutions kit from clinique along with their moisture surge moisturizer. I have yet to had any dry skin on my face that I couldn't manage with those products! It looks like my pharmacy is now carrying amnesteem instead of claravis so I'll do an update on that if I see any differences. I believe that's all for now, so I'll be back to update next week!

I'm gunna try to upload some pics now!

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(Sorry I am so not a photographer, these were just taken with my phone)

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