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Day 105, Week 15 Over, Pics Inside

Posted by MollDoll, 24 January 2013 · 2,411 views

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Wow. What an amazing experience this has been. I honestly cannot believe my skin was ever as bad as it was. If I didn't have old pictures I would never have believed it. Look under this post to see photos of how bad my skin was at day 7!

I'm still only on 20mg a day and I have about 2 and a half months left on accutane. I get no side effects anymore. My lips aren't even very dry, neither is my skin. I have the smoothest facial skin! I feel amazing :)

One thing I've stopped doing is drinking alcohol. Alcohol affects you so much worse while on this drug. I don't recommend it. Other than that my side effects are zero.. Except beautiful skin :)

If you're wondering whether to start accutane, just do it! And if you're just starting out, stick with it.

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Fantastic! Wish I took it at your age so I didn't have all these scars!

Fantastic! Wish I took it at your age so I didn't have all these scars!

I'm not that young I'm mid 20s! But I am lucky. I have been using scenar treatment for scarring which is incredible! Just gotta be happy the acne is finally gone & let the healing process begin

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