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Day 35 :) Week 5 Is Overrr

Posted by MollDoll, 14 November 2012 · 744 views

This morning I woke up next to my partner and he looked at me and said, oh my god your skin looks amazing! I have never heard those words uttered about my skin. It's only been 5 weeks and I'm clearing up incredibly well. I have about 3 small active pimples and the rest is clear. CLEAR, yes I still have redness and scarring, but this is amazing. The pimples I do get are so tiny and take literally 1 maybe 2 days to heal. My skin hasnt looked this good in years.

I'm still using the same routine,
I have to exfoliate with a towel every night though otherwise i have little flaky skin.
I have also switched to using maybelline BB cream (the one in the blue tube available in asia only I think)
I found it in thailand on a trip last year and keep buying it online because I loved it, but then my skin got too shocking for a BB cream and needed heavy duty. Now all I use is BB cream, under eye concealer and a translucent powder and i have flawless ass skin!!!!


Can't wait to be fully clear but honestly if my skin stays this good for the next 3 months, I won't even care. This feels great.
Loving life more everyday! Definately not depressed.

The only side effect I feel these days is dry lips. that's all.

Good luck to everyone at there going through a rough patch on this medication, you'll soon see results :)

Lol I know the feeling I havent heard those words uttered about my skin, it must feel amazing!! :)
yay for clear skin!! im waiting for my boyfriend to tell me that, although whenever i ask him how my face is, he says it looks great. (liar!!) haha anyway, im so happy that your journey is going smoothly!!!!

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