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Accutane Experience

Day 21

Posted by MollDoll, 30 October 2012 · 503 views

Day 21. Still shit skin. Worse than when I started. I need some positive feedback from people. I feel like more of a freak. Not to mention that I told one person at work I was on accutane and they told the whole office. Now everyday I get asked how its going etc. just look at my face people and you'll know it's going very veryyy badly :( ughh I just...

First Entry - Day 19

Posted by MollDoll, 29 October 2012 · 961 views
acne, accutane, products and 4 more...
Okay so this is my first ever blog on here, I started taking accutane 20mg a day 19 days ago and want to share my experiences on the drug. So here goes...

My skin had been slowly improving ever since day one. I thought I was one of the lucky few who only ever improve on accutane and skip the whole IB phase.. but no...

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