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Quick Update

Posted by Know Hope, 02 December 2012 · 321 views

I was taking too much chromium - Side effects of taking too much include insomnia and loss of appetite.  Definitely experienced that.  There is already 400mcg in my multi vitamin - may take 1 other pill when I'm feeling anxious for no more than 600 mcg per day.  

So far the sp tincture is definitely working.  I don't have sore breasts or cramps I normally get before my period - I should get it any day now.  I had a bit of a flare up but took more of the tincture and it calmed it down considerably.  We'll see what happens when my period finally gets here.  But I feel good.  Not depressed.  My skin is looking pretty good too, save for the spots that are still healing.  My skin was starting to get oily and I upped my dosage (as Hilary suggested I could do depending on my symptoms) and it took care of it immediately.  I am cautiously optimistic that I found something that works.

I'm still going to do low dose accutane to get rid of the trapped sebum plugs that are all over my face.  That will start mid-december.  Unless something unusual happens, I probably won't update until then.

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