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The Good And Bad!

Posted by ms8thwonder, 10 November 2012 · 575 views

Can't sleep thought I'd write a few things that have helped and haven't helped my skin clear up.

Things I have found are bad for my Skin-
Cetaphil lotion has definitely contributed to my acne worsening.
I was reading a lot of reviews about Cetaphil and it being so over hyped and not good for problem skin.
Idk I read terrible things about the wash too but I have no personal problems with it.
The lotion however lays really heavily and really seems to aggravate my skin.
Topicals. It never FAILS that topicals break me out into a cystic hell hole.

Things That Help-
Sleep. Every time I get a good nights rest, my face looks better in the morning.
Makeup. Odd I know but it almost seems like makeup helps. It's almost like it creates a barrier for bacteria.
Positivity. When I'm depressed or down I always break out. When I'm less focused on the negative things, or especially less focused on my acne, my face seems to react well.
Washing my face only ONCE a day. Twice a day for my face is over doing it. I find myself with a more bumpy face if I wash twice a day. Once the day is over and I wash my face that is enough. In morning and night is over kill.

Everyone's different Posted Image Cetaphil is the only brand that doesn't break me out on the face... I tried four or five other brands that were supposed to be good for acne-prone skin and they all broke me out. Some more than others.
Honestly I think my face just hates moisturizers all together! Mm well that's good it works for you and prob a good amount of others as well.
Hmmm I used to think Cetaphil is like the holy grail of skin cleansers since my family doctor and several dermatologists I saw before recommended it. I am using the cleanser right now, I was planning on buying the moisturizer (there's one that I saw that has SPF 30 protection or something..) But your post makes me second guess Cetaphil. Honestly, the cleanser just feels like I'm washing my face with a slimy version of water.
Yes Cetaphil was too thick for me too. Switched to CeraVe it is great!.
I shall try it!