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Experiencing Extreme Hair Loss Quitting Accutane 20Mg A Day :|

Posted by ms8thwonder, 15 March 2013 · 1,066 views

Hey guys, I haven't posted much of updates but as you would all know by now my acne is completely gone.As much as I wanted to stay on the accutane and as much as I have tried to tough out the side effect this one is just way too harsh...I'm losing a lot of hair right now. I tried taking Biotin when I noticed it, applying oils for the day and washing my ha...

Some Advice To Those Who Are Stubborn Like I Was

Posted by ms8thwonder, 22 January 2013 · 661 views

So first off I want to say lets face it. No, really lets face it, we have acne. If your face is full of zits and you're all like "Why can they eat whatever the hell they want with a clear face and I can't cause supposeably it causes MY acne?" Well, I don't know much about whether things like eating junk food or such things as smoking...

70 Days On Accutane A Word Of Advice

Posted by ms8thwonder, 02 January 2013 · 935 views

Hi! Happy 2013 every one, I hope this is a better year for everyone! Okay well as I mentioned before I was still breaking out.
The first thing I choose to do to try to reduce the time frame of when I would break out and how much is I changed my daily lifestyle. I cut out fast foods, energy drinks (had to have one every day) and cut down on my...

Day One Thousand Six Hundred And Sixty Four. Just Kidding.

Posted by ms8thwonder, 05 December 2012 · 1,106 views

It ultimately feels like I've been on Accutane forever. I haven't stopped breaking out. I get the oddest pimples too. Just two days ago arose the most deepest beautiful pimple, actually i'm quite lucky it was on my chin line somewhere I prefer rather than on my cheeks or the "front of my face" so to speak. I cannot explain how much I...

Props To The Lady Working At Sephora

Posted by ms8thwonder, 28 November 2012 · 775 views

Once again props to the lady working at Sephora!
I went to the mall recently and happened to go through a small sephora store.
One of the beautiful gals working there had problem skin. She had really bad cystic acne. I thought to myself wow that girl is amazing. Now I know I worked as a cashier through one of my worse breakouts ever and that was...

Listen To Your Skin Not The Derms!

Posted by ms8thwonder, 16 November 2012 · 599 views

I all together broke it off with Cetaphil. As I mentioned on here before the lotion was doing me no good and the more I paid attention to the cleanser found I wasn't happy with it either, or my skin wasn't. My ex Derm told me to use Cetaphil everything and my current Derm didn't mention any certain brand to me (he doesn't speak much) so I...

The Good And Bad!

Posted by ms8thwonder, 10 November 2012 · 575 views

Can't sleep thought I'd write a few things that have helped and haven't helped my skin clear up.

Things I have found are bad for my Skin-
Cetaphil lotion has definitely contributed to my acne worsening.
I was reading a lot of reviews about Cetaphil and it being so over hyped and not good for problem skin.
Idk I read...

There's Never A Dull Moment With Accutane! 2 Week Mark

Posted by ms8thwonder, 07 November 2012 · 780 views

One day i'm like YAY and the next i'm like nay. Ups and downs with Accutane. One day it seems like progress is looking amazing and the next I have new pimples. 2 days ago I wanted to write a blog but i didn't because it hadn't been two weeks. I was super excited that day because I finally paid attention to my skin since I had been obsessing...

5 Days On Accutane, Almost A Week!:)

Posted by ms8thwonder, 28 October 2012 · 593 views

Almost a week on Accutane! SO EXCITED.

Side effects from Accutane i've been getting are headaches and a new one today dry lips. At the start of my work shift I was like "Hm my lips feel a little dry" and by the end of day I was like "OMG I NEED CHAPSTICK" . It was really weird how it progressed pretty intensely throughout 1...

Dear Acne, Its Over! And We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together! Kthx Love Desiree, I Would Say It's Been A Pleasure, But It Hasn't.

Posted by ms8thwonder, 25 October 2012 · 566 views

I currently feel like i'm going through a break up with acne.
I was on Doxy for a good 6 to 8 months till my system got immuned to the anitbiotics. My acne quickly became cystic and painful.
For a while I...