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Well If I Wasn't Feeling All Geared Up And Confident For The Weekend

Posted by tinygiraffe, 25 October 2012 · 339 views

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Well I've been back on the aha and 2.5% combo for the last few weeks and my skins been clearing up to the point that I had a few pimples and scars which were barely visible went to look in the mirror for a wash and my 'tzone' has gone ballistic not happy I had a big social weekend planned and was feeling comfortable and confident at work again.

I still have a night out planned just going to avoid being stand off-ish my usual problem when I perceive that my skin is playing up.

Acne as usual has provided the bullet to shoot my confidence down cleansed moisturised and carried out the routine will have to see if it calms down in the morning gutted, oh and I've just paid 23 quid to get dans regime package out of customs bringing the cost to approximately 100. Gutted on both counts :(

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