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Day 11!

Posted by Emma0501, 25 October 2012 · 4,293 views

Not much to report other than dry lips & dry face but I seem to have it under control (for now) with my moisturisers.

The bleeding gums have stopped (thank god!) & I went to my dentist who prescribed me a fancy toothpaste which coats your teeth in extra fluoride to prevent tooth decay due to dry mouths! I think this has helped my gums to be honest.

I've got a big night out for Halloween this weekend.... What do you guys think about drinking on roaccutane? Should I miss a few days or just continue as normal?

AFAIK one or two drinks should be fine, but I wouldn't overdo it. I wouldn't miss any days if I could help it, esp. not this early into the treatment.
Thanks for your advice :)

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