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Accutane journey

Over 2 Months On Accutane

Posted by accupho, 30 November 2012 · 3,090 views
alcohol, side effects, dryness and 2 more...
I'm on week 9 and my skin is clearing. I am just going to do a few paragraphs on key information that has been relevant to my course. My derm has said twice that my reaction has been one of the best she has seen, especially considering how inflamed it was so bare this in mind - that I was lucky.

First, I would like to say that I broke out EVERY TIME my...

Week 3 Accutane

Posted by accupho, 21 October 2012 · 1,111 views
roaccutane, accutane, week 3 and 4 more...
I am now on week 3 of 30mg/day roaccutane + 2 prednisolone pills (cba to check spelling, think its right tho). I suffered a 'second' IB around the end of week 2, when my antibiotics but since then its been great. I have one active lesion on my face, which I didn't expect. Before that, after IB settled, I didn't even think about my skin, only...

Day 17 Accutane

Posted by accupho, 13 October 2012 · 720 views

My face has definitely become less oily, in fact, it is quite dry. All my normally active areas (everywhere on cheeks) are inactive bar one lesion. This is quite impressive. Only new lesions after antibiotics are 3 in the middle of my forehead which I find quite unsightly but what can you do...My face is just full of red marks / early scars...whatever you...

Day 14 On Accutane (Last Day Of Antibiotics)

Posted by accupho, 10 October 2012 · 688 views

I saved my last antibiotic pill for the morning to slowly ween myself off it in the hope that it will curb a breakout. All my inflammatory lesions have calmed a lot, that said all the smaller, unnoticable bumps are more whitehead-esque on my jawline, making it hard for me to shave. I'm only getting lesions around my eyebrows and they arent that bad...

Day 10 On Accutane + Intro

Posted by accupho, 07 October 2012 · 682 views
accutane, week 1, week 2 and 1 more...
I am an 18 year old male. Suffered form acne severely for around a year. Tried all topicals and a long course of doxycycline but it came back so my derm prescribed accutane immediately because it is the severe inflammatory type that causes scarring.
When I started accutane most of my active lesions had a week to calm down or so and had only got 1 or so that...

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