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The Miracle Of Zinc Oxide

Posted by Acnegoaway54, 13 January 2013 · 1,574 views

it soothes my skin
it gets rid of redness
it gets rid of irritation
it stops pimples in their tracks
it stops pimples from getting any larger
i eventually will stop pimples from even appearing
the american derma association says that it decreases oil production
this will not cure your acne but it should be on your arsenal of weapons against acne
i apply it at night and have seen a 80% reduction in acne
no more painful acne
and way less redness
i am so happy i discovered it and i hope you will give it a try. it is in diaper rash cream.

How long you do leave it for at night?
I leave mind all night. It's obviously working. But I get tiny little whiteheads here and there. Could it be because it clogs the pore? I use desitin 40%

You guys should use zinc oxide sunscreen with at least 18% zinc oxide for sensitive skin. BurnOut has a great one and it also blends in not leaving your skin white. Desitin and other "diaper rash creams" can clog pores. I haven't used DeVita Solar, but it seems like it would be a good one also.

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