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Accutane Week 2 Complete

Posted by Freemimo, 06 November 2012 · 628 views

accutane claravis acne

i think the initial breakout has begun. :( my left cheek, which is usually the good side, has about 4 active cysts with some brewing under the surface. a honker just appeared on my chin and theres a bunch of zits/tiny pimples all along the right side of my temple, eyebrow, and hairline. there is also a super painful cyst forming under my right eye and when i say right under my eye, i mean, literally right under my eye. it hurts so bad!!!! any suggestions?! has anyone experienced cysts in this area? if so, how long did it last on accutane? usually cysts like this for me last a week and thats when i use draw out salve liberally. i dont want to go that route because its so close to my eye. i noticed today at work that my face seems really tight. also, there are dry patches forming on my lip area, chin, and nose. here are some other symptoms i have been experiencing since i last posted:

SUPER chapped lips
extremely dry and itchy scalp
always parched
itching spells
sore/dry throat, which keeps me up all night because of the cough associated with all that
just want to sleep!!!!!

i think thats it for now. i will update sooner than later guys!!!

Hey girl, try not to wash your hair too often. Even if you take a shower or two every day, just use conditioner. Using conditioner every time I take a shower and shampooing every other day seems to be working out pretty well for me.
inndem thank you for the advice. its so crazy because i would have to wash my hair everyday because it used to get soo oily and greasy. now its the opposite! ooh accutane!!!
I used to sit under the shower when it itches or is too painful.
nbkyrww i bought some head and shoulders itch relief and holy toledo it felt sooo good and minty (if that makes sense?) after that my scalp hasnt itched too bad, although it is still super flaky and dry. im going to try to put some jojoba oil where the dryness is.. maybe that will help?!

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