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Week 19&20

Posted by dino23, 28 January 2013 · 515 views

Again, nothing but scars and dry skin right now. My scars look the same as they did 4 weeks ago so I am kinda bummed they aren't fading as fast.  I will say I since my dosage was upped to 80mg I noticed my tolerance for alcohol has gone down a lot! I dont really drink much on this drug, just occasionally. But I was out celebrating an engagement with friends and before I knew it I got really drunk really fast and got sick and had a 3 day hangover. I would be really careful drinking on a high dosage. I should have gone to the doc but I literally couldn't move. I think I really messed up my body so I didn't take accutane for 2 days and only drank water. I have decided not to drink the rest of the time on this drug, be careful everyone! 

Are you on Accutane? This is the first entry i've read of your's so excuse my ignorance!

no problem! Yes, i am on my 21st week.

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