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Week 15 & 16

Posted by dino23, 02 January 2013 · 379 views

Wasn't too happy these weeks because I got 2 more cysts, one on the clear side of my face and one on my chin. They look a week and a half to go away and they are still noticeable. The worse part was that it was Christmas and I was seeing a bunch of family I haven't seen in awhile. But oh well, I still have a few months left on this drug. I still have scars that aren't disappearing so not sure what to do with those and I can count four black heads on my face, which is awesome considering I use to have like 1,000. But my face isn't dry at all. My eyes and inside my nose are though. I am going to derm today so we will see if I get bumped up to 80mg or stay on 60mg.
Happy new year!

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