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Acne Cyst Remedies ?

Posted by dino23, 10 October 2012 · 742 views

Help! have a nasty cyst and want to know what others do to get rid of them! It just seems to keep getting bigger :(
I have been trying baking soda, ACV, and calamine lotion. I hope someone has some better ideas, it really hurts!!!

Hide the mirrors.
first off, cysts suck and I feel your pain, i really do. there are a few options and yes not looking at it and constantly messing with it is going to help. cysts are acne on steriods. they are deep, they are painful, and the more you pick the worse it will become TRUST ME! you can push the bacteria deeper down into the skin-busting it through the cell wall - and having the bacteria leak into pores around it. spreading it to be a much larger pimple or multiple pimples.

now with that said:

topical antibiotic will help. as well as a retinoid.

a quick fix can be done at a dermatologist office (make sure they are experienced with this type of office treatment) they can inject the cysts with a corticoseriod or kenolog solution. the cyst will decrease in size almost over night.

if you can't get to a derm and aren't allergic try taking some type of anti inflammatory drug like ibuprofen to help tackle the swelling.

good luck! and remember if you think it's bad now dont even think of picking it!
Thanks for the advice!!!! I went to the derm yesterday to get more accutane so I asked them to inject it. I didn't think they would because they have said no before to some of my cysts so I am surprised/happy they did it! :) you are right it did go down overnight and is almost completely gone.
this is a reoccurring cyst so the only thing I am worried about is if it comes back again! seems like every time it does come back, it comes back even bigger :(
thanks again for the response!!!! I feel a lot better now!!!
and the cyst is back..... :( going to the derm tomorrow to get in shot with cortisone again. How many shots is too many? I know people that have gotten several on one cyst before it ever went away. I just don't want a nasty scar

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