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Week 3

Posted by dino23, 03 October 2012 · 334 views

Week 3 I started to experience some dry skin. mainly on my chin, which is where about 1,000 black heads are. But it has been manageable, nothing really to complain about - I like having dry skin compared to oily! I only have 3 active pimples right now and they are drying fast! :)
I have also been putting calamine lotion on the spots and scars at...

Week 2

Posted by dino23, 24 September 2012 · 453 views

After week 2 I have noticed my skin is less oily and my lips are a little dry. I am not experiencing any side effects other then the lips (yet). My zits/cysts are also drying up a lot faster than they used to. I am also putting Calamine lotion on cysts and pimples before I go to bed, that seems to be helping.

On to week three....

Week 1

Posted by dino23, 24 September 2012 · 477 views

After week 1 I didn't experience much change at all. I take 20mg of Myorisan once with dinner.
I am 23 and have very oily skin. I have had acne since I was 14, not terrible acne (but noticeable) and the usual zits/pimples with cysts. I can deal with the zits but the cysts that I get are awful and HUGE- sometimes I can't eat or sleep because I think...

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