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Month 4 Recap - Day 120

Posted by Bobby Stephenson, in Accutane Journey 09 January 2013 · 1,252 views

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Month 4 Recap - Day 120 Month 4
Duration - Dec. 11, 2012 - Jan. 09, 2013
Skin - multiple cyst under chin. clear face. lots of scars and/or dark marks. dry bloody boogers.
LDL Cholesterol - 117 (up 7 points)
Dosage - 60mg

Been working out A LOT! I managed to put on 7-8lbs of mass this month but also got my LDL cholesterol up from eating so much. My face is acne free! It's so wonderful if not for the scars and/or dark marks everywhere. I am trying Bio Oil to fade them. Turns out it is also a great moisturizer. I would definitely recommend it as it has replaced my Cetaphil.

I am not self conscious anymore and haven't been for a long time. I don't even think about it when I talk to people. Even though I have some cyst under my chin, at least it's not on my face. I don't even feel it or see it in the mirror. Out of sight is out of mind! My doctor is concern that I am still getting acne going into my 5th month. She might reconsider and up my dosage or have me go over the 6 months limit.

Warning - Graphic:

I get very dry nostrils with dried up red boogers. I often dip my finger in a jar of Aquaphor and stick it up my nose. I use the same finger for both nostrils because sharing is caring. What happens when dried up red boogers soak up all that moisturizer? They become red bloody mucus. I blow them all out and it's like I have a bloody nose.

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