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Day 5 On Claravis

Posted by marin98, 15 September 2012 · 499 views

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so it is day 5 on 40mg/day (119 lbs) and I am starting to realize some very slight changes. I'm getting some breakouts but they are healing very fast. I'm hoping that this is how the initial breakout will be, because I've heard horrible things about the IB and I'm a little scared of it. My acne is only moderate/light so maaybe it won't be bad?

Also my face feels kind of sore. I haven't really started getting too dry yet. Peeling a little bit around my zits and my lips kinda burning/chapped. I'm using burts bees chapstick, cetaphil lotion for my face and burts bees shea butter moisturizer on my body.

P.S. I'm also using tea tree oil as a spot treatment and I think it helps a bit! I dip a q-tip in it and then dab it on the spot needed.

and suggestions/comments or products i should use please comment Posted Image

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