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Week 3! :)

Posted by xjeff94x, 03 October 2012 · 645 views

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Week three is finally done, haha! So close to 1 month Im excited! So for the past week I have been REALLY stressed out becuase I had two essays for college that were a LARGE portion of my grade + Ive been studying HEAVILY because my Midterms are coming up :P Yuck! I think that's why I had a "minor" breakout, just like 3 new whiteheads on my chin and cheek, but nothing that bothers me at all. I do think a lot about my face like, "why isnt it better already" -_-. Which is stupid, but it's because I see my face everyday that I dont really see the progression. BUT HOT DAMN! I looked at my first day pic and I Was like :OOOOOOOOOOOO! WOW! I dont like comparing my face to the week before because thats minor progression and it will make me feel like the drug isnt "working" but yea IT IS!

One HUGE word of advise for all of you starting accutane, I suggest you keep a weekly picture journal. You dont have to do a blog or whatevers if it's not your thing, but at least do yourself the favor of keeping a private folder in your computer of weekly progress. This is so when you are sad about the way you look or what not, you can just look at your day 1 pic and realize how far you have progressed. I'm not even kidding, after I took my pictures right now I put a side by side comparison of how I looked the first day. Im not goin to lie People, :) I was a little teary to after what I saw! My face hasn't looked this great in ages! It will really help you to push through the days you feel "ugly" and when your face is so freaking dry you just want to stop, BUT NEVER QUIT! Push through knowing in the end it was all worth it :D.
Next week I'll show you my side by side comparisons to day 1 :) Any questions or comments, feel free to comment

"Even if it sounds corny, Don't ever let no one tell you, you ain't beautiful" - Eminem

Right side: http://i1055.photobu...zps7309f6f8.jpg
Left Side: http://i1055.photobu...zpsf4bdd575.jpg
Front (goofy smile :P) :http://i1055.photobu...zps64853f49.jpg

haha Awesome ✌
yay results<3! glad you're seeing the improvements you've been wanting :>!

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