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Crazy! 2 Weeks Accutane

Posted by xjeff94x, 26 September 2012 · 5,829 views

accutane claravis dry peeling lips redness week improvement
Hahaha ^_^! I'm happy right now! So, this is my second week on accutane and things are going great! The Dryness of my skin has reduced a lot and so has the inflammation. Tbh I wasnt noticing the difference because I look at my face everyday. But today I took some pictures and wow ^_^. I compared them to the first day of Accutane and I noticed a big difference :). My body is responding amazingly to the treatment after only two Weeks! Im so excited for the future! Hopefully the strength of the pills will still affect me positively in the near by future and I continue to get exponential results.
Umm, one thing that I didnt notice until my dad pointed it out is that I am getting so much paler. Is this normal? I mean I used to skateboard a lot and I havent since I started the program because I want to avoid the sun, and because skateboarding has tremendous impact on the body and I dont want to permanetly damage my knees or anything. Don't worry, Im still exercising, I dont want to get fat from accutane :P, but indoors to avoid sun.
Hmmm, as far as symptoms go, I feel very minor back pain usually whenever I go to bed for whatever reason. I am still peeling on my face and lips but much less than how I was because now I'm using Aquaphor at night and Cetaphil during the day. One thing I have noticed is that my eyes are even getting dryer xD. Im going to buy some natural tears though later becuase it's starting to bug me. My arms are also starting to peel but idk why because my arms have no ance, but whatevers. I'm noticing im more light sensitive as well, and I mean this in 2 ways; for 1 my skin feels hella hot in the sun & it burns, 2 my eyes are starting to get annoyed by overly light places especially unnatural lights.

But all these symptoms dont really bother me that much, they are managable. Umm, as far as an IB, i dont think Ive had one? Haa, I mean yea I still get some new pimples but WAY less than I used to before accutane. I havent got an IB that made me feel sad or mad watevers so I dont know if this means I'll get one later or I just might never get one *fingers crossed/knock on wood*
But yea, life is looking good and so is my face :) Hopefully with such rapid improvement I might only be on treatment for like 4 or 5 months :D
But enough of my rambling, here are my pictures, ohh and BTW I dont do a comparision to day 1 on the pictures because you can look at that in my other blog + I will do side by side comparisions every time I end a new month SO keep Following my blogs and you'll see a side by side on the End of my fourth Week.
"I Love yo Faces and I'll see you next time" :)
Right Side: http://i1055.photobu...zpsea2e9e80.jpg
Left Side: http://i1055.photobu...zpsef2a0697.jpg
Front: http://i1055.photobu...zpsa66992a1.jpg

I looks flatter than last week!
Yea the pimple swelling is decresing rapidly :) Its amazing!
Was accutane your last ditch effort cuz you look like you could really use some Amoxil. I;m just sayin'.
What is amoxil, what does it do, what is it for. Please explain, and im taking accutane because I tried everything basically before. And.... no offense.. but you are kinda making sound like a bad thing that I am... :/
amoxicillin is an anti-biotic. It is used to treat acne. I don't know if accutane patients are allowed to use anti-biotics or not.
Hun your skin is improving so well.....you're on the right track. Just sit back, relax and let accutane do its thing. You have such a great attitude towards the whole process i must say. As for the IB, it can come anytime so mentally prepare yourself - it sucks!

Keep up the progress.
@Amoxicillin ummm i dont think i can, my derm. said that I should avoid using antibiotics unless life threatning basically

@Sasch83 Thank you so much ^_^ It's nice to know someone actually other than myself noticed the difference. Hopefully I never get an IB, but yea I know I kinda live a certain motto especially when it comes to acne, "Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst."

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