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The Journey Begins!

Posted by xjeff94x, 12 September 2012 · 305 views

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I'm Back :)
Sorry that I didnt post on the 11th, I figured out that by next appointment I would be one pill short so I waited until today :)
Im soooo Happy that I started today, I was anxious for this, but in a good way. A lot of people are scared to take this pill, and yes I understand I should take it seriously but Im Excited MAN! I honestly think no harm will be done to a person while on accutane (unless your that rare 1% that has an allergic reaction to it), but yea. What I mean by this is that people get scared that they are going to have an Initial breakout and that stops them from trying this miricale medicine. My opinion on this is that if you are scared of the IB, then you dont really have an acne problem because if you did you would go through any thing to try to get rid of it. For me I accept the IB, If and when I get it *Fingers Crossed* :) because that only means progress to a better future. Yea, its going to suck if I get it especially now that I go to college but like I said, its all how you look at things, be positive. Everything is progression once you begin your Journey.

Anyways, moving on :) . I hope I continue to get the great support that some of you have already started giving me. I think what I will do is, Ill have a weekly blog I guess with pictures and stuff but Ill log on everyday to reply to comments and/or recieve your awesome tips. Unless you guys want me to do a daily or every other day thing.

Alright guys be prepared for my face, because I think its bad compared to a lot of you out there  :P but anyways here are some pics of me/ my face
Right Side of face:http://i1055.photobu...4x/7d7af6ef.jpg
Left Side Of Face: http://i1055.photobu...4x/02b20960.jpg
Front With Smile(yes I know I have a forehead vain -.-) : http://i1055.photobu...4x/6033769a.jpg
Front without Smile: http://i1055.photobu...4x/7b3c6ece.jpg

Any questions, comments, or tips please feel free to comment on this blog or message me
Hope to talk to you guys soon with good News :) Peace!

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