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Excitement/nervousness For What's To Come

Posted by xjeff94x, 08 September 2012 · 468 views

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Hello People of the InterWeb!!! :)

My name is Jeff and I'm going to start my accutane (claravis) journey on the 12th of September 2012. I'm super excited and nervous for what's about to come....WAIT! Where are my manners!? Let me introduce myself a bit better, or at least tell you my acne situation.

Well I have had acne since i was 12 years old (currently 18) & I've tried Just about EVERYTHING! Ive tried Clean & Clear, proactive, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur masks, salycic acid, natural remedies (like oatmeal & honey,etc), neutrogena, etc. You get the point! I have even tried some prescription drugs including minocycline.
Watever, basically Ive tried everything thats why Im going to go on Claravis or more commonly known as Accutane.
I found out about this drug quite funny actually, I was at the market buying some acne products( I mainly used them so my acne doesnt get worse because it wasnt getting any better with all the products i have tried) and while I was about to pay the checkout lady spoke up. She said she didnt want to offend me but she said I should try Accutane, she said that she  had it worse than me, which was crazy because her face was completely Clear! Little did she know that I actually listened to her advice, researched the product, and am now going to start the program.
Wierd how the world works... This cashier had pointed me in a direction that might change my Life Forever!

I guess I wanted to tell you guys this because I thought it was entertaining. Watevers Posted Image but this is just an intro to the journey i will begin
I will include pictures of my progress once I start and I may do daily blogs... depends.. :)
I kept this short because i knew you guys wouldnt read it if it was long so yea... more info on my life later :P
Next blog will be day 1 of accutane 9/11/2012

hey i'm starting accutane tomorrow =) so we will be on this journey together. good luck to you!
How severe is your acne? Judging by your profile picture your face looks completely clear!
My face is a mess, as you will see if you continue to follow my blogs.

Well good luck to you as well :)
haha nooo. that pic was taken while i was on dan's regimen. it was beautiful compared to what it is now, but i still had problems then too.

my acne is all over my face, especially around my cheeks and chin. lots of whiteheads. i've had acne since i was 12 and i'm 26 now. i will keep a picture log too!
Good luck to both of you! I took it recently for the 2nd time and finished in June. I am pretty clear except for those stubborn red marks tend to linger but they have faded pretty well so far. I think the trick to help them fade while on and then off Accutane is to always have your skin moisturized. I always put on moisturizer even when after I showered. Don't pick and drink LOTS of water. That is key too. You guys will be done before you know it so good luck :)
thank you! yea, i'm worried about the red marks too. my face is covered in them right now. i get rid of a pimple and another one comes up right behind it. so it hasn't had a chance to heal. but judging from the past, my skin tends to get rid of those marks after a while. i might try a fading cream when i'm done.
my concern is the picking part. i get a lot of whiteheads and can't stand them. i always pop them. is it ok if i do this gently while on accutane?
Yeah red marks suck! Lol. Now I wouldn't recommend popping while on Accutane because that will definitely irritate your skin more which could leave a higher risk of red marks forming or even a true scar. What I do is never touch my skin when my bare hands and my nails. I use a piece of tissue paper as a gauze and then moisturize cause moist skin tends to heal faster than dry skin. Oh and only use a moisturizer while on Accutane cause anything else will irritate the already irritated skin.
Thanks for the tips man.
Any more stuff that you can tell us? I didnt know about the water thing so anything useful will be good. :)
Plus I agree with whatthekell. I "pop" my whiteheads all the time.
What I really mean is that when i shave after i shower it usually shreds the whiteheads off. Although usually my whiteheads are very small.
I use an astringent after so my pores shrink as well.
Any tips? Can i still shave?
Yeah I am glad I could help :)

Water is a big deal with Accutane cause not only will it help you keep hydrated on this powerful drug but also clean you liver and that should help keeping the Accutane working well.

I wouldn't recommend using an astringent after shaving but use a moisturizer almost immediately after shaving.
Yeah you can still shave just be gentle with your skin. Can't stress being gentle enough.
Good luck with accutane. My derm just told me I can't have accutane.

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