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Dermatillomania (Skin Picking) And Some Tips

Posted by bluebell39, 08 September 2012 · 2,331 views

Dermatillomania (Skin Picking) And Some Tips Since dermatillomania is relatively new in the public eye (since the OJ trial...just..look it up). I may as well explain some things. Before I do, to those reading this should answer a question: are you a bit of a hypochondriac? If you are, and you have acne...my guess is you pick at it, dont assume you have dermatillomania right away. People have a...

Off The Wagon

Posted by bluebell39, 07 September 2012 · 398 views
health, food, diet and 1 more...
Disclaimer: Im not even sure if this website is for blogs like this. Being personal I mean...meh.

Well...since I cancelled my birthday plans and wrote that last/first post its been one of those days where nary a f____ was given.

I have a problem with picking my skin, its close to being-or is- full blown dermatillomania. Basically what that means is I...

First Entry..depressed

Posted by bluebell39, 07 September 2012 · 535 views
acne, depression, doctor
Im pretty hopeless right now. I just came from the doctors..waiting room.. (Im from Canada btw). I went because my mother is convinced that what is happening to my face is more than acne, that its a rash that she mistook for acne when she was 14. She was given some sort of steroid cream and overnight she was cured...yay mom.

Im turning 20 very soon and...

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