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Day 107!

Posted by nick-o-lass, 12 December 2012 · 923 views

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So I have been completely acne free for like 2 weeks now.  Ive been using the Bio Oil every day and Im starting to see results from that with my acne scars.  its making my skin super hydrated and not oily suprisingly.  I switched my face wash to Giovanna Dtox and I dont really know how I feel about it yet as it isn't as sudsy as my Basis Cleaner clean face wash but the Giovanni face wash has activated charcoal and goji berry so it sounds good to me.  Oh and it has volcanic ash too.  I even put the Bio Oil into my body lotion (about 30 drops in a small bottle its not enough to make your skin oily at all.) and my skin tone on my whole body seems to be really even like my elbows were all dry before and discolored but now they look great. haha.  Thats really all I have to say.  Im glad my acne is gone hopefully it stays this way.

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