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billz7's roaccutane journey

Day 98 Spoke To Soon

Posted by billz7, 26 November 2012 · 258 views

BREAKOUTS when's it gonna end ?

I'm hoping this is because of my dose being upped 5 days ago.

Chin , cheeks, jaw have taken a beaten.
Looks shit with make up
Scabby and sore

I'm so hoping that things will clear for good in the next month !! :(

Day 96

Posted by billz7, 24 November 2012 · 264 views

Hi guys,

Things have definetly improved , touch wood , my dose was upped a few days ago to 40mg so I will reach my cumulative dose quicker for sure , can't go any higher because I weigh 43.5kg.

I currently have 3 scabs and just red marks now , much easier to do make up now and overall it looks better !

Went partying last weekend and got lots of...

Day 82 Week 12?! Month 3

Posted by billz7, 10 November 2012 · 316 views

I'm having a really hard time right now

I have broken out so bad in the last few days they I keep breaking down crying , I have eleven actives , my face looks like a pepperoni , I even have random 2 big red spots under my eye lids , my right cheek has exploded , 5 cysts that side sore and scabby ! 3 on my chin 1 on left cheek and 2 on my forehead...

Day 80 Breaking Out

Posted by billz7, 08 November 2012 · 327 views

So I'm totally breaking out ATM ! And they become massive scabs , so sore on my jaw line. I currently have around 5 actives , and then red marks from old pimples.

I'm really hoping things start improving , as I'm in week 12 and I thought I would be clear by now.

I also failed my driving test 2 days ago. Suckssssss

Things suck ATM...

Whaaaaat The Hell Month 3 Day 76

Posted by billz7, 04 November 2012 · 273 views

How am I still getting painful big red random cysts ???

So pissed off.

When will I see the light !!!!

Double Figures Woo! Week 10 Day 70

Posted by billz7, 29 October 2012 · 269 views

Hi guys ,

Wel things have been PREETY much at a stand still.

I'm still breaking out boo hooooo....
I broke out from Friday and it still is lingering around, maybe it's stress I don't know?

But I am so thrilled to be in the double figures but I'm losing faith a bit , because my skin can look semi decent sometimes but then boom another...

Month 2 Over. Week 8 Day 60

Posted by billz7, 19 October 2012 · 509 views

Sooooo just a little update

Skin Was looking a lot better last week , family said and the feel of my skin was smooth ! This was my 7 day break though from my contraceptive pill and this seems to happen every month which I am looking to find out why as its tad annoying ! Anyway me being negative but (right) said ohhhh it will b bad again in few...

Day 50 New Dosage Starts Tonight !

Posted by billz7, 09 October 2012 · 475 views

Well Ever since my last post things have improved since then! It may of got worse as it was the week before my period , now I'm on my 7 day break it has settled (at the moment)

My dose was upped to 30mg :) she said my red marks will fade and that I probably won't have any scarring !

Skin status , smooth more or less all over but the...

Day 46

Posted by billz7, 05 October 2012 · 443 views

I really thought I would have been one of those lucky ones who's skin would just keep clearing , err WRONG

Lately my skin has been getting worse , sucks , I wanted to visit my derm this tues (will be day 50) and for her to be like wow so much improvement , I'm getting my dose upped anyways to I think 40mg , I know I'm on a low dose but she...

Day 28 Skin So Terrible Makes Me Feel Sick

Posted by billz7, 17 September 2012 · 628 views

I will be taking my 28th pill tonight , I'm on 20mg a day as I'm only 43.5 kg (91 pounds) but I'm having my dose upped on my next derm visit ! (dread)

But anyways my skin seemed to keep improving the fist few weeks until BAM WEEK BLOODY FOUR , My skin looks inflamed again , really red , big red spots , cysts , 2 lumps on my forehead and I...

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