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The No-Washing Experiment

Day 3

Posted by jonnyjwalker, 11 August 2012 · 480 views
acne, no washing, no soap and 3 more...
It's getting really hard to not wash my face with soap, it looks great, probably the best it has looked in a good 6 months but it just feels weird not to be scrubbing it all the time !

My skin had started to get a bit dry in certain patches on my face but having a long bath (using only water) solved this problem and left my skin extra glowy.


Day 2

Posted by jonnyjwalker, 10 August 2012 · 524 views
acne, glowing, skin, no washing and 3 more...
I haven't washed my face for 2 days now and surprisingly I haven't broke out, my red marks are starting to fade and I'm developing a slight glow in my skin.

Honestly, no treatment I have ever bought has worked as fast as this. My skin still feels a little dry and irritated, especially at night, but I'm hoping this will go away...

Day 1

Posted by jonnyjwalker, 09 August 2012 · 549 views
holistic, acne, clear, skin and 5 more...
I have had problems with my skin for most of my life. As a baby I had severe eczema and in my early teens I developed pretty severe acne.
I'm not even exaggerating when I say i have tried every single acne treatment available on the NHS. I have even been through 3 courses of roaccutane!

Recently, whilst my acne has definitely died down, probably...

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