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To Pop Pills Or Not To Pop Pills

Posted by CeruleanCity, in Medications, Life Ramblings 19 December 2012 · 996 views

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HI guys :> I’m freezing here, what about you? I can’t complain too much since it never snows here but still ; - ;! Enough tears! I’d like to tell you guys a change I’ve done for my skincare. Just a quick post, nothing fancy. Anyway not only did I change the products I use [about 90% of it], I also took a major product out.

I stopped taking my birth control.

I CAN EXPLAIN! To start, I’m not going around trying to court anyone so I’m not concerned about getting preggo. Information about the birth control I used can be found in this blog post.

I stopped taking it for 2 very glaring reasons

1 – I was breaking out horribly from November to mid-December even when I was on the medication. I was super stressed at the time - going through a really brutal session at school but that’s school nothing new. However, my skin was NOT having it. I was breaking out all over in painful large spots. Many have left marks even though I never tried to go at them with a needle etc. On my good nights, I’d get at least 5-6 hours of sleep. I know sleeping enough is so important for my skin because I can tell the next morning. If I get enough sleep my skin feels bouncy and fresh. If I don’t it feels weighed down and dull. It’s true I kid you not sir!

2 – My anxiety was on a rampage. I just found myself full of worry and doubts all the time. How terrible is that D:? From school to family matters to my relationship with the hubby, it [the anxiety] was screwing with my thought process on a lot of things. The moment I stopped taking birth control… I FELT BETTER. I didn’t feel so glum and blah anymore. Gah, hormones are intense stuff, seriously.

So how’s my skin now without the medication? It’s actually doing well. The severe breakout I had a few weeks ago are just flat scars and I haven’t had a whole new wave of blemishes swing by. Like I mentioned above, I have new facial care products. I’ll be sure to review them when enough time has passed for me to make a well-reviewed post on ‘em. So for now the products are a secret Posted Image

My periods are going to suck. It was nice knowing when they were gonna happen instead of playing Russian roulette with it. Also, the cramps are sure to come back so @#$%^&%$#. I may go back on birth control depending how things play out but for now I’m really better off without it.