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Skincare Haul – Trader Joe’S

Posted by CeruleanCity, in Skincare Hauls 29 August 2012 · 2,550 views

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I usually stock up on snacks when I’m in Trader Joe’s. Things like super unhealthy stuff : crunchy jalapeno flavored crisps, a hunk of hazel nut chocolate bar, brownies and to balance it all out, and some spiced mangos. I’m a super fan of their cookies that come in tubs too :>

What I didn’t know was they have skincare items for sale. I was out shopping with a friend not too long ago and she wanted to restock on tea tree oil. I assumed you could only find it online. She told me Trader Joe’s carried bottles of that stuff so we went to the nearest store.

I always feel like a kid in a candy store when I’m in the skincare aisle of any place. I WAS SO EXCITED XD! They didn’t have shelves and shelves of skincare oriented products but there was a very decent selection from soaps, scrubs, cleansers and oils. Everything was priced at low costs for what they were! You could purchase two oat meal soap bars for less than $2 from what I can remember. I didn’t pick those up since my hands were already full from snatching up facial skin treatments.

Product 1 – Aloe Vera Gel

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For only $2.99 you get this really decent sized bottle of aloe vera. Okay it’s not a 100% but I don’t mind. In the past, I use to use fresh aloe vera as my leave-on moisturizer at night but that stopped showing results so I didn’t bother with it anymore. It’s a bit messy as well and I was fortunate enough to have aloe vera plants at my house back then. This stuff takes the hassle away from cutting the leaves and squish out product when needed. My acne is inflamed and really painful now [see my last blog post!] so I felt investing in aloe vera gel was worth a shot. I store mine in the fridge since I enjoy the cooling sensation when applied to the skin.

Product 2 – Sunscreen SPF 30

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This is a pretty big tube of sun defense! What really pulled me into buying this sucker was the label mentioning it wasn’t pore-clogging and it’s oil free. I just double checked the label and it’s fragrance free as well which is pretty nice. My SPF protection during the day came from my anti-wrinkle cream but I felt like that didn’t provide enough. For $5.99 this product was a bargain.

Product 3 – Jojoba Oil

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Okay I’ve been a long time lurker on acne.org and discovered jojoba oil by reading the forums and looking at The Regimen. I can’t help but feel a bit nervous to use this. I’ve always wanted to try it though but I didn’t want to invest in such a huge bottle offered through acne.org. This was one of more the more expensive products I picked up – $6.99. The bottle is pretty big considering you only need to use a couple of drops daily. I’m thinking of using this as an eye makeup remover and facial moisturizer. Even though I’m scared to try it I bought it because I’ve heard so many good things about it. And fall/winter is on the way – that’s when my cheeks tend to become a bit dry so having this should be handy.

Product 4 – Tea Tree Oil

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THIS IS THE GUY I WAS MOST EXCITED ABOUT! I’m in dire need of a spot treatment. I never tried tea tree oil and like jojoa oil, I’ve heard good stuff about it so I grabbed a bottle. The bottle is pretty small and was $6.49. I’m sure it’ll last me for awhile since I plan to use it only as a spot treatment.

That’s all my new skincare stuff. I’ll list out the order I use these guys in a later post when I can report back some results :>!

looks like you have got yourself some new goodies :)

Some people dilute the tea tree because it can be too strong applying it to bare skin, just a heads up!

keep us posted with your results/findings