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My Prescription Medications For Acne

Posted by CeruleanCity, in Medications 12 August 2012 · 2,152 views

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I’ve been prescribed my fair share of behind-the-counter medication for my acne over the years. I only used my acne gels/cream treatments at night. Oh and of course I didn't use all of these guys at the same time. I used them one at a time when I was first prescribed them. I just happen to have some of the containers/product left to show you.

Product 1 – Benzoyl Peroxide

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This is the one I have on hand [it’s empty]. I’ve used both gel and cream versions that comes in a tub. It’s like the default medication for acne if you ask me. All this did was dry up my active spots...kinda. It was in no way a preventative measure. This never made a zit disappear overnight for me. I use to get active spots daily and this couldn’t keep up. Of course I used it as a spot treatment when I had some around. I used this for a good chunk of my history with troubled skin.

Product 2 – Erythromycin – Benzoyl Peroxide Topical Gel

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My doctor then prescribed me this guy. She insisted it was better than your ol’ regular benzoyl stuff. From what I can recall, this has antibacterial ingredients in it as well as your drying agents. It doesn’t have a long shelf life – about a month because of the antibacterial factors. On my skin it didn’t play out any differently than normal benzoyl peroxide so it's not something I'd rave about.

Product 3 – Doxycycline

I took this some time ago, about 2 years I think? So I don't have a picture to show you Posted Image Anyway I forgot the dosage but being on this stuff was god awful. Even though it was the most hassle free medication [a bright teal/blue pill taken twice a day], it made me so nauseous. I had to be careful to take this medication well before I ate breakfast or dinner. I remember I forgot to take it after dinner one time so I just popped one right after without caring. I never had any queasiness from anything else before and I figured it would go away. Then suddenly the only thought which crossed my mind was “ I IMMEDIATELY REGRET THIS DECISION.”

I’ve never thrown up from a rollercoaster or from seeing something gross or even from any sort of sickness. Even when I was suffering from dehydration due to high consumption of salt, I kept my composure like a boss. But this pill made me spew my guts like a drunken whore on a Friday night :< ...so yeah I stopped taking this medication after that episode. I didn't see any results from this medication regarding my acne either but then again maybe I quit too soon.

Product 4 – Tretinoin Cream

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Arg...I had such high hopes for this one. Because benzyol peroxide fell flat and antibiotics wanted me to keel over this seemed like my last saving grace for a topical treatment. This didn't prevent my acne from popping up or dry them up and it didn't lighten my scars either. I used this religiously for a good 4-5 months. I ended up putting this aside because it actually seemed to worsen my acne instead of clearing it up. Someone had told me this is meant more as a scar removal treatment as well. Regardless it hasn't done anything for me.

Product 5 – Birth Control

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This is my current prescription medication I'm on targeted at my acne. There's a lot I have to say about it so I'm working on a separate blog post for it. It'll be up in a few days so sit tight :>

That's pretty much all the medications I've been prescribed for my acne. Going to see the derm is so expensive for me so I'm always hesitant to go. I didn't have a very good experience my first visit so I guess it scarred me at going back anyway. I'm sure many of you out there have a much more extensive list than mine. I'd love to know any other topical medications which aren't listed here which have been shown to work! Feel free to share in a comment below or PM me :>

your blog is very interesting with all the photos. I didn't even know that benzoyl peroxide erythromycin existed. I use benzaclin which is topical clindamycin with bp. I still use all my topical meds because I have done experiments where I stop using them for a few days and boom..I get breakouts...if I use all of meds every day then I breakout less...however I wont say that my topicals have cured me...only that I see improvement when I use them...
I have yet to find a topical medication that really works D: it gets really irritating after awhile since all of them have worked as weak treatments...none have acted as a prevention for acne either :l