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Day 61 (Day 1 Month 3)

Posted by sonrisafingida, 24 September 2012 · 1,051 views

DAY 61

my face is a mess!!!  if a few days ago was bad now is worse, i think i'm still having the IB. blackheads are so sooo visible. *only 7 months more, just 7!! just 7 more and i will be ok ^-^ *
don't know what to say ...
here these days was soooo cold and i cannot drink so much water :( and i had some headaches and i do not like them.
and because of the cold weather and because i didn't moisturize my hands, appeared on my right hand some red spots, you know that place where the hair grows, that pore, if u know what i mean was so red and visible and my hand stung but i put my aloe lips and i moisturized my hand and now it's ok(fortunately).

how are you guys?

comparative photos

Posted Image
left cheek

Posted Image
right cheek

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Your face looks way better than mine right now.

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