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my retin-a acne regimen

Day 70 Update **pictures

Posted by michaelbrandon96, 20 May 2015 · 992 views

Hey everyone! So today is the end of day 70 and my skins been doing great! atm i have 4 small pimples, two on my upper left cheek, one on my right cheek, and one alongside my chin. All in all I'm pleased with the results i found with RAM ive noticed a lot of fading in my acne marks my skin has a nice smooth texture and im starting to be more...

New Regimen!

Posted by michaelbrandon96, 05 April 2014 · 812 views
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Alright guys, so its been a while since I've last posted but I'm gonna tell you my new regimen :)
this is actually the best and easiest on my skin, which isn't half as sensitive as before! 
so in the mornings i start with the biotherm homme cleansing gel for normal skin!
-its very gentle
-doesnt scrub or irritate skin
-doesnt leave ski...


Posted by michaelbrandon96, 08 August 2013 · 1,321 views
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When I first started this blog. I had absolutely no idea how much it would change my life. The support and help I recieved from you guys was amazing and because of all the positivity, I had motivation to become acne free! I dont remember the last time I looked in the mirror and hated what i saw! This isn't much of a blog, i would think of it as more of a...

Bad Haircut, To Match The Bad Skin

Posted by michaelbrandon96, 11 January 2013 · 1,837 views

so before all of you judge me and tell me "I don’t know what you’re talking about you never had acne." trust me, I’ve been there. And it sucks. It made me want to yell, scream, cry, shout and every possible negative emotion out there and eventually I came to the realization that I would have to live with it. I just wanted to give...

Day 140 Update **pictures!

Posted by michaelbrandon96, 03 November 2012 · 1,876 views

Hey everyone! so im just doing a quick little update on my skin Posted Image **before i start i want to thank everyone for the msgs ive been getting in my message box Posted Image im still answering questions...

Day 99 Update **pictures

Posted by michaelbrandon96, 23 September 2012 · 1,430 views

Hey guys! sorry for the late post haha. ive been really busy with school and haven't had much time. Anyways im at day 99 and im so happy ive seen major improvements with my skin! my tone is more even, my skin is less oily and i have basically no blemishes! I'm so glad RAM is working so well! As well as retin-a micro ive changed up my...

Day 73 Update **pictures

Posted by michaelbrandon96, 01 September 2012 · 1,231 views

Hey guys, so today i was doing a few things (haircut, shopping and what not) so while i was at the shoppers drug mart i was picking up a travel size avene thermal water to keep at school, the lady working asked about what i was using on my skin so i began to tell her. she told me i should try an exfoliant for my skin and i said no just because i thought it...

Retin-A Micro Day 58 Update **pictures

Posted by michaelbrandon96, 18 August 2012 · 1,363 views

Hey guys, so im just doing a little update on my skin. Its the end of day 58 and i just washed my face. i havent noticed much of any changes in my skin. ive noticed i havent been drinking as much water but im trying to drink more. im still drinking my two cups of 'black" green tea morning and night as well as staying out of the sun. Theres a...

Update! **day 56

Posted by michaelbrandon96, 15 August 2012 · 762 views

Update! **day 56 Hey guys, so i just got home and wanted to do a quick little update... the burning returned but my skin is clearer and more evened out! ive actually been complimented on my skin today which is weird since i do have acne marks but even still thats a big deal! i felt like a giddy young schoolgirl! :$ haha other than that... the flaking is...

My Daily Facial Care Routine

Posted by michaelbrandon96, 13 August 2012 · 977 views
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okay so ive been getting a lot of questions from people asking what i use exactly and when so here it is Posted Image
My regimen is:
Wash face with...