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Retin A - Week 1

Posted by nafisaa, 17 July 2012 · 365 views

okay I have mild acne and just a few pimples luckily, i do have discolouration and some scarring & i have really dry skin.

iv been using Retin A for the past week,my skin has become flaky but not irritated.
iv been moisturising with vaseline or baby oil.

right now i only have 2 pimples and some scabs due to the retin a,but its easily covered with makeup.

Stop using oil moisturizers please. Use an oil free non-comodogenic moisturizer like Purpose with spf 15 or Neutrogena with spf 15. P. Acnes eat oil and you just gave them a glorious buffet of oil and fat. Please see a dermatologist and until then only use proven acne fighting systems. Retin-A works. I have used it for almost 20 years. I love it. Consider an antibiotic too.
iv had antibiotics in the past but my acne is due to my PCOS,so right now im on dianette.

my skin is usually extremely dry and i have used a variety of prescription and drugstore moisturisers. such as Aveeno, Palmers Cocoa butter, Simple, and Neutrogena etc. and only oil moisturisers respond to my skin

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