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Abandon Ship!

Posted by GellyB, 18 July 2012 · 479 views

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A few days ago, I decided to jump off the bandwagon and abandon the no-washing regimen. To break off the regimen, I exfoliated my skin with a vinegar soaked cotton pad two nights ago. I diluted the vinegar 1:4. The reason I changed my mind about the no-washing regimen wasn't because I lost faith in it, but because a person who had done the regimen for a year described the experience as "the worst regimen I have ever tried." Why would he say that? Well, not washing helped that person greatly, but over time the person developed seborrheic dermatitis- a popular consequence of the no-washing regime. By following this idea, I wanted to have clear skin. I didn't want to get rid of acne just to make room for another skin problem.

The foundation of the no-washing regimen will still be considered. I'm still going to try to rebuild my acid mantle, just not with a no-wash regimen. Instead, I ordered an acidic facial bar with a pH of 4.5, and am planning to use that with the diluted vinegar toner I made days ago. I MIGHT use the facial bar with my Clarisonic Mia, after all, I paid quite the price for that. Hopefully, the Clarisonic will clear the pores that are plugged with sebum.

Everyday my acne has gotten worse this summer. Now, I have whiteheads and small acne bumps all over my face. It's even spreading to the left side of my neck. The diluted vinegar has somewhat helped the sebum-plugged pores, but I still have them on my upperlip, chin, and forehead. I haven't lost hope yet; I haven't reached the 2 week mark for a rebuilt acid mantle. I hope I can allow my life to depend on the incoming facial bar; I hope I can say "I found out how to fight my acne," before I turn 20.

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