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Posted by Leanna123, 11 February 2013 · 723 views

I think I have finally found the cure for back acne /
Hibiblens is one of the strongest antiseptic skin cleansers that can be obtained without a prescription. I bought a back scrubber for about 8 bucks at Walgreens and bottle of hibiclens. I got home, undressed, stepped into the shower and saturated the back scrubber with the hibiclens. I then proceeded to scrub all aspects of my back and shoulders. I also used it on my chest and neck. Within ten days, the pimples were gone. The bateria had been killed by the hibiclens. I dont recommend using it on your face, but for myself, I
am a risk taker and I'll use anything that kills acne. So I use it on my face also mixed with dial antibacterial with active ingredient tri-closan.
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How much does the hibiclens cost? And where in Walgreens is it located? I'm really interested in buying this for my back and chest but I'm on Accutane. Is it drying? Thanks!

Hibiclens costs around $6.45 at Target for a 4 oz bottle. Walgreens has a  version for about $10.99 for an

8 0z bottle. The Hibiclens and Walgreens antiseptic skin cleanser are located near the pharmacy at most Walgreens. Near hydrogen peroxide etc. Ask a pharmacist if you cant locate it. Don't forget to buy a back scrubber. Loofah or that nylony twiny stuff, but it has to be on a long stick so you can deposit the hibiclens down the center of your back. Let me know how it works for you. It is not at all drying. It has a gentle formulation. The active ingredient is chlorhexidine gluconate solution 4.0%. My doctor first recommended it to me for a cyst under my arm pit (I know gross), but anywhoo it worked. The pustule dissappeared after ten days. I used it each time I showered. Works miracles.




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Size/Count  8.0 oz.

  • Reduce bacteria that can cause disease
  • For skin wound and general cleansing
  • Gentle to skin
Thanks ill be buying it sometime this week!

hows it workin on your face?? i'd love to give it a try!

hows it workin on your face?? i'd love to give it a try!

I do use it on my face however I can't in good faith recommend you do the same. My acne is in serious remission, I havent had a pimple in months. Not even one. I also use anti-bacterial dial which contains another microbial killing ingredient, Triclosan. Hibiclens is not meant for use on the face but I always push the envelope when it comes to preventing breakouts. I swallow sometimes twelve 500mg amoxicillin every day. It works though, thats the thing. I had severe cystic scarring type acne before I took the plunge and got dangerous with my treatments.If you do wanna use Hibiclens on your face make sure you avoid your eyes really well. Also, don't let any enter your mouth or ears. The cool thing about Hibiclens is that it kills bacteria for up to 6 hours after you wash the skin with it. Good Luck! Let me know how your regimen works!

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