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If You Have Severe Cystic Acne And Are Not On Accutane Read This!requires Rx Drugs

Posted by leanna123, 12 October 2012 · 1,161 views

If You Have Severe Cystic Acne And Are Not On Accutane Read This!requires Rx Drugs <--------this is my face today. No make-up! Two years after I began my regimen.I went from Pizza face to clear skin in just two long years lmao....!
My regimen is:

Step A. Wash face with dial antibacterial soap. Dry face with soft clean towel.
Step B. Apply pea size amounts of topical clindamycin and topical tretinoin. Wait three hours.
Step C....

One Zit Nightmare....

Posted by leanna123, 10 October 2012 · 377 views

I am back in the mental space I inhabited 2 months ago. I have one pimple on my face. Its tiny. The first one I have had in like 1 month. But I feel like a total failure. How could I have let this happen?Posted Image I know its because I neglected to wash my face at 9:00pm like I...

Anti-Biotics Running Out...

Posted by leanna123, 04 October 2012 · 359 views

I think the first step toward recovery is admitting you have a problem...I overtake all my anti-biotics. Three per day is what my doctor prescribed but I really take six to twelve most days. Yes my skin is clear and that is why I am anti-biotic addict. I can't stop. I now have three prescriptions going simultaneously. Two for Amoxil and one for Keflex....

My Fight With Acne Continues....tune In To See The Fight!

Posted by leanna123, 01 October 2012 · 390 views

Posted Image me-----> Posted Image <------- acne Posted Image ...

Continued Success With My Current Regimen

Posted by leanna123, 27 September 2012 · 427 views

My complexion keeps improving. My current regimen includes five major drugs. Orally I take 1,500mg of Amoxicillin daily; I use topical benzaclin, a hard hitting blast of benzoyl peroxide topped off with a cool anti-biotic gel and I end the day with topical clindamycin which I mix with tretinoin cream at bed time.

My history with acne has been a horror...

New Product/low Price Of $15.00 Us Dollars

Posted by leanna123, 25 September 2012 · 370 views

I am using a new product I want to share with everyone. It's a moisturizer by Cetapil. I use it after I wash my face first thing in the morning. I love that it has sun protection factor 30. It claims to control oil and it seems to. My face was quite smooth and soft after application. Along with the rest of my no holds barred regimen, I recommend the...

Modifications To My Regimen

Posted by leanna123, 22 September 2012 · 367 views

As I stated in previous blogs, my long-time dermatologist wanted to take me off Amoxicillin and Cephalexin. Her theory was that spironolactone should clear my acne completely. I got a second opinion on my doc's advice. The next dermatologist said I should stay on my current regimen which is heavy on the anti-biotics, both topical and oral. The spiro had...

Good News About Benzaclin

Posted by leanna123, 15 September 2012 · 935 views

Good News About Benzaclin I have been religously applying benzaclin twice a day. It has been an excellent exfoliator as well as drying up oil. It also has an anti-biotic in it. Long story short, my face is clear and smoother than ever! Thanks Dr. Knapp!

Life In The Balance...

Posted by leanna123, 12 September 2012 · 211 views

I think the hardest thing for me is that I am totally reliant on anti-biotics and I'm told that they eventually wont work anymore. The scariest thing for me is that I'm 38 and still battlling this horrible disease. I honestly thought I would...

Off Spiro: Staying On Anti-Biotics

Posted by leanna123, 02 September 2012 · 281 views

I met with my new dermatologist and she agreed that I can stay on my current dose of anti-biotic.Posted Image Posted Image I quit taking spironolactone because it did not work for me. This month I am on Keflex...

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