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Something Has Changed

Posted by Leanna123, 06 July 2013 · 439 views

I know I said that I had written my last blog entry because nothing is happening. I have clear skin and use the same regimen: 1. Amoxicilllin antibiotic2. Benzaclin topical treatment for acne3. Retin-A But, I have added something new to my regimen and adjusted my treatments based on my July 3rd, visit with my brilliant dermatologist. Turns out I...

My Last Ever Post...

Posted by Leanna123, 21 June 2013 · 623 views

This may be my last ever post. I have shared my regimen many times and I have proven that my medications work by showing before and after pics. How long can I keep this up. I just never breakout anymore and i continue to use the same medications every day. My regimen is as follows:Wake up with oil dripping in the corners of my nose...yikes!! Wash fac...

Still Fighting The Good Fight!

Posted by Leanna123, 13 June 2013 · 293 views

I am entering my first month of Cephalexin treatment where I literally have to take only two pills per day. I'm kinda nervous.        <------after treatment <----before treatments <----before treatments    

Is Acne A Touchy Subject?

Posted by Leanna123, 30 May 2013 · 578 views

Before I begin I want to tell you that I have clear skin right now due to my strict and comprehensive regimen. I use benzaclin and tretinoin. I take amoxil antibiotic and keflex antibiotic. Every minute of the day, my face has an acne fighter on it. I only use moisturizer from Cetaphil that controls oil and is specially prepared for acne prone skin. Ok no...

New Product

Posted by Leanna123, 19 May 2013 · 623 views

I am testing out a new product. Now that spring has sprung (even in icy Minnesota) I have to use a sunscreen moisturizer. I selected Cetaphil spf 30 oil control moisturizer for acne prone skin. See below. Other than the addition of a new moisturizer no big changes to my regimen. Unfortunately my experiment with reducing my dosage of amoxicillin has failed...

Reduction In Consumption Of Amoxil

Posted by Leanna123, 11 May 2013 · 687 views

Ok, so previously I have blogged about taking ridiculous amounts of amoxicillin and cephalexin. 12-14 pills per day. This month I started taking the prescribed dose exclusively; which is 3 500mg pills per day. The good news is that I have not gotten any new blemishes. My skin is still perfectly clear aside from a few unfortunate scars. I made the mistake...


Posted by Leanna123, 26 April 2013 · 480 views

Spring is finally here in Minnesota. The last of the snow is melting as we speak. I have to make a very important purchase. I need to buy moisturizer with spf. I am thinking neutrogena. I am open to suggestions. My skin is still acne free. I am still o.d.ing on amoxicillin. Benzaclin, check. tretinoin, check. clindamycin check. since I use tretinoin, I ge...

Fully Stocked....

Posted by Leanna123, 19 April 2013 · 353 views

I have been so inspired by all the bloggers this week. Today I am so happy because I got my amoxicillin AND my benzaclin (generic of course). Right now I have zero pimples for the sixth month straight. My regimen is as follows: 1. Take three amoxicillin 500mg strength pills. 7:00am2. Wash face with hibiclens antiseptic soap. Kills P. Acnes on contact...

See A Dermatologist Exclusively If Suffering From Acne...or At Least Use Proactiv Or The "regimen".

Posted by Leanna123, 12 April 2013 · 525 views

I have nothing really new to say. My skin is still clear and I am still using the same prescribed medications to successfully control my acne. I just want to caution everyone away from unproven treatments. I recently read a post promoting urine therapy and someone else whose complexion was devestated by going "caveman" (no washing or exfoliating of the fa...

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