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Posted by ZacksLostMind, 21 June 2012 · 345 views
update, acne
Hey everyone i'm not feeling so down anymore in my last blog don't get me wrong i'm still feeling pretty shitty lol but after reading some of your messages i understand not to feel so down.

But just making this blog to say that i'm going to be starting my accutane journey i'm already 2months in i know kinda a bit late but i got 4more...

Any Advise

Posted by ZacksLostMind, 17 June 2012 · 421 views
acne, advice, inflammation, help
I might as well start at the beginning when i lived out in England i had not bad acne at all well so people said but i don't know just seeing red spots on my face i dint like so i thought i was ugly and never really felt i could love myself or go out and do fun things even though i had...

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