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Hey Guys ! Day 1 !

Posted by Misslmh, 11 June 2012 · 466 views

day one 1 acne remedy diary
Hey Guys ! Day 1 ! Hey guyssss, so this is me day 1 ( this is one of my better days to be starting on ) Ive got a few new ones but they are diddy but i have lots of scarring and redness because Im so pale , darnit !
ANywho, first day with Freederm gel, I use dermatolica face wash for dry skin as it counteracts any big bad dryness from the cream but it cleans the skin super lovely :D

Ahh well how frustrating its back again, on my back too but no where near as bad, all I can do is soldier on and hope i find something that works again :D
keep you posted ladies and gents ;) x

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Awesome you started a blog to keep progress, i think there great to look back at and find things that worked and others that didn'nt.

Your skin looks pretty good, just seems like a lot of PIH not much active stuff going,

Hope the products you are using work for you.

All the best! Jay

oh and you have a great smile :)
Fingers crossed you see improvements with it. I'm sure you'll be able to clear your skin, I reckon it looks pretty good actually. Like fadedjay said, there doesn't seem to be much active acne and that's always a bonus.

My advice would be to go easy with the Freederm to start with. Let your skin get used to it so that it doesn't dry out or get sore. I used to find a lot of the over-the-counter products were too harsh for my skin if I used too much. Best to keep your skin moisturised as well.

Do keep soldiering on and definitely keep smiling because you have a pretty smile and I often think that's ultimately the kind of thing people notice most over spots and acne.


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