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Acne is back with vengence nerrr

Photophoto Blog :)

Posted by Misslmh, 16 June 2012 · 462 views

Okay guys, so I put some better pics up of my acne, the other pics I put on were mainly blurred redness but Ive been using my better camera for pics
There are a few pics that ive been taking since day 1 on freederm - already seeing the difference !!
During these few days I had a right nasty cyst underneath my eye :( these things normally take up to...

Hey Guys ! Day 1 !

Posted by Misslmh, 11 June 2012 · 468 views
day one 1 acne remedy diary
Hey Guys ! Day 1 ! Hey guyssss, so this is me day 1 ( this is one of my better days to be starting on ) Ive got a few new ones but they are diddy but i have lots of scarring and redness because Im so pale , darnit !
ANywho, first day with Freederm gel, I use dermatolica face wash for dry skin as it counteracts any big bad dryness from the cream but it cleans the skin...

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