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Small Bumps On Jawline...

Posted by ninetynine, 09 June 2012 · 2,055 views

I've had these bumps on my jawline for years now, and don't know how to get rid of them. My Epiduo has minimized them heaps, but I still have some. I've tries tea tree oil, exfoliation, cleansers, toners ... you name it. Wondering if anybody has any tips? :)

I have read that pimples/acne around the chin and jaw area are due to too much sugar ingestion.. soo you might want to look into that.. for me this is truee.. as soon as i start eating too many sweets, i start to break out around that area... but you might want to try the vichy normaderm triple action anti-acne hydrating lotion its a little pricey 23.50$ for 1.7 fl.oz.. but it does help with breakouts, reduces size overnight.. at elast it does for me.. i hope this helped..
This did help, thank you! I've cut my sugar intake down (2 spoonfuls in my hot drinks to 1 spoonful) and I can see a big difference. :)

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