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Same Old Acne Story (:

Posted by *HungryMe*, 04 June 2012 · 535 views

oratane acne doxycycline
Hello, everyone. I've just discovered how to create an entry, being as computer-retarded as I am. Basically, I'm half American and half Egyptian. What this unfortunately means is, that I've got my mom's pinkinsh, sensitive skin, and my dad's susceptibility to oily skin. So since I was 12 I've had acne and terribly oily skin. It's so oily I have to use estringents many times a day and wash my face repeatedly just to leave it in a "bareable" place. Over the years (I'm about to turn 16 in a couple of weeks) it's gotten worse and worse. I have many red/purple-ish spots all over my face. And with my pale complexion, they REALLY stand out. Here in Dubai, I'm basically the only kid in my class with acne. My self-esteem is basically nonexistant. It was a major blow after losing 75 pounds, that my acne got worse. I felt ugly and depressed. My parents spent tons of money on things like: herbal remedies (a proper farce), ProActiv (a bigger farce), doxycyline monohydrate, Retin-A, differin, Benzac Ac, erythromycin, clindamycin, etc..
So, I found myself at the dermatologist's office once again, and, FINALLY, the man had the common sense to give me what I've been begging for for seven months! I've been given a 30mg a day dosage of Oratane... I weigh nearly 62 kilos (136 pounds?) is that enough? I dunno... He also prescribed me Cyteal wash and Benzac AC 2.5% BP...
It's my fifth day... And no side effects.. My nose feels a little dry on the inside, but face-wise everything is the same... My main question is this: i was taking 200mg a day of Vibramycin (doxycyline monohydrate) for two months and stopped only about 36 hours before my first Oratane pill (I take the 10mg and the 20mg together) could that be a problem?

Ugh... I thought I had been spared the initial breakout - WRONG. I'm breaking out all over my forehead, by my lower lips, my jawline and cheeks, and... well, everywhere. I thought maybe, just maybe, I'd been spared the dryness... WRONG, again. Lips are peeling all over and a little bit bloody... Face just got dry today (just finished my 8th day) and so far, I haven't let it get me down TOO much, though. I know it's all going to be worth it, in six short months :) Can't voice my discomforts - my dad's just WAITING for a single complaint so he can throw the boxes right out the window. Going to go read more success stories to stay strong..

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