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Day 1!

Posted by 10schick, 08 June 2012 · 415 views

claravis side effects
Hey guys!! So I went to my derm today and he gave me my prescription! So this what was prescribed:

Brand: Claravis
Dose: 30 mg
How to take pill: Take 1 pill (I'm taking mine in the morning) once a day after a meal

Since it's only day 1, I obviously don't see any side effects yet Posted Image  I'm kinda curious to see when people really start noticing the side effects and the initial breakout, anyone know about this? Posted Image  So yah, I'll keep you guys updated on how I'm doing, I really hope this works for me with no bad side effects (finger crossed!) Posted Image  Anyone who is on Accutane or is about to go on, I wish you guys the best of luck!!! Take care! <3

Oh and I forgot to mention, they charged me $322 for the medicine WITH insurance!!! Omigosh I couldn't believe it!! So keep that in mind if you're planning on going on this- it is not cheap!! This better work because $322 every month is not user friendly!

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