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Roaccutane Journal

After Roaccutane

Posted by Roaccutane Journal, 05 October 2013 · 210 views
roaccutane, accutane, milia and 4 more...
I went to my four month roaccutane check up and told him I wasn't happy at all.
So another doctor at the same clinic had a look and told me those little bumps were Milia, and that I needed them extracted out.
So I was pretty pissed I went through roaccutane for pretty much nothing. My back acne has cleared up a lot but still am having to use benzoyl perox...


Posted by Roaccutane Journal, 20 August 2012 · 296 views


My eczema is slowly going, its not itchy anymore just a little red on one arm, woohoo!
i used Hope's Relief cream and had regular Alpha Keri Oil baths - seriously recommend it.

On a bad note...Sunday night I was frustrated/sad and took it out on my skin, if i could go back I would.
Anyway, definitely noticed the difference of squeezing on...

Month 3

Posted by Roaccutane Journal, 15 August 2012 · 327 views

I am into my third month of roaccutane

i really dont feel like my skin has changed, i feel depressed, i have eczeme type rash on my arms (I did have on legs but it has gone now), I am always itchy.

I feel like no one really understands what I am going through and everyone is telling me to get off it (mainly because my skin still looks like shit)

I really...

Week 3

Posted by Roaccutane Journal, 13 June 2012 · 353 views

Week 3

my skin feels bumpier - the little bumps and blackheads were my main concern and I don't know whether they are coming to the surface more or what but they are definitely more obvious. i hope this means its working!!

my skin isn't dry really - I am on very low dose so might be why (even though its week 3 I have only taken 10...

Day 3

Posted by Roaccutane Journal, 03 June 2012 · 354 views

Day 3 Update
  • pimples are drying up quicker than usual
  • no break out yet but only day 3
  • probably best my skin has been in a month
  • not dry yet

Make Up Suggestions?

Posted by Roaccutane Journal, 31 May 2012 · 322 views

What make up hides dry skin/is moisturising/doesn't clog pores?

I was thinking just a tinted moisturiser...

Day 1

Posted by Roaccutane Journal, 30 May 2012 · 371 views

Day 1 Today I got first prescription of Roaccutane.

Visiting dermatologist cost $150
and prescription was $106 because it was a private dermatologist..could have been $34 so pretty off it about that!

First week I will start on 3 pills a day.
So will take one tonight, saturday and sunday
then week two monday, wednesday, friday, sunday

and so...

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