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Day..? Month 6!

Posted by whatthekell, 21 February 2013 · 614 views

I lost count of the days. I could check my last bog and count but I don't want to. I just started my 6th month on Monday. Those of you who have been following me know that I was supposed to be finished at month 5. Although, my derm did say "hopefully 5 months will do it". Well like I said in my last post, I do still get a small breakout before/after my period. Annoying. I have my period now and only got 1 so far! so we will see.  He also upped my dose to 80mg instead of 60. I started at 40 for 2 months then 60 for 3, now 80. Oh and get this?  Fucking Walmart charged me $758.20 for 3 boxes of 20mg Claravis to equal my 60mg. ok so that's 3 months of that. So that's $2274.60 I spent for the last 3 months. Now that I'm on 80mg... I get 2 boxes of 40mg tablets for $570 or something. So it's actually CHEAPER to get the higher dose! WTF. Why didn't Walmart give me one box of 40mg and a box of 20mg to get my 60 and save me $200 dollars? I am so pissed. I mean they probably didn't know, but they should know that those pills come in 20's and 40's... =(   
Anywho. You would think after 6 months of opening these ridiculously difficult packages that I'd be a pro at it, no. I still have a hard time getting the pills out. I cut myself on the box the other day and somehow managed to break open a pill too. a $12 pill broken. Guh. I ate it though. 
So nothing new to report. My back has been killing me. It really doesn't bother me too much during the day, but when I wake up it's pretty bad. It's hard to lay in bed and I want to keep sleeping but I can't lay there anymore. My nose is still bleeding daily. I've gotten used to this stuff though. Eyes are dry. Still fending off the arm rashes with hydrocortisone. Last night I put some vaseline lotion on instead of hydrocortisone and it worked, so I might start using that instead. Does anybody's nose &upper lip sweat? I told my derm about it and he was laughing =P Might be a side effect of my Wellbutrin. 
That's about it.   I'm having trouble logging in this site anymore. It's pretty annoying. I got a password recovery and managed to get in, but now when I try to change my password again, it won't let me. It says I have to fill out the entire entry or something..which I did. Anybody else having this problem?

My logins work just fine. IDK why yours is having trouble. You can't get health insurance? Where do you live? Are you a student?

I have health insurance, it's just the biggest piece of shit ever. =P   I live in PA and I'm finished school and working full time

yeah tell me about it. I got tired of opening the packages correctly and started ripping them off with my teeth! I am on month 6 also but have gotten 2 white heads and a raised bump :( 

lol jeez. i wouldn't use my teeth, i don't like the feeling =P yeaa some of us need more than the average 5 months i guess! we will get there bobby!

Kells old mate, how u doing?  Now let me get this right, you currently only have 1 pimple on your face?  High five girl....high five! :)

Hi AyeAye! Long time no talk =)  How are you??  Actually knock on wood, I have zero as I am typing this! I go for bloodwork on Thursday and go to my derm on Monday to find out if I am done! I'm terrified to stop. 

Are you still only using AHA+ and no more BP? I need to find a good routine when I'm finished!

Sorry, didn't see your comment.  I tried just using AHA+ by itself (no BP) for a good 2 months, and it was disastrous.  Completely broke out again and then I had to start using BP but I was right back at the beginning....Had to let my skin readjust to BP and so suffered through the dry, red flaky skin again.  But I'm back to clear again but it took a good 3 months the second time around.  Poxy acne skin!


Hope you're good and well though...such a gorgeous looking girl.  Still jealous of the eyelashes! ;)

aww thank you so much Leslie! =) 


I remember you telling me you tried that. I was wondering if it eventually worked out for you. That's too bad! I'm glad to hear you're all clear again! Hope you are doing well too! I miss chattin with ya!

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